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Uncensored – Femen activists protest at Vatican

Activists from Ukraine’s scandalous FEMEN group holds a banner reading ‘woman is not a commodity’ as they stage a topless protest on November 10, 2011 against prostitution and woman as a commodity in an official prostitution’s street in Zurich.

Naked solidarity! Young Iranian Communist inspired by FEMEN, have undressed in Stockholm. On the eve of the International Day of Women's Rights young activist of Communist Party of Iran and the "Organization against violence under women in Iran" undressed in the center of Stockholm to express the protest against the hijab. On their bodies they wrote "My nudity - my protest" and "Down with the hijab" like FEMEN sextremists. Activists also held the photos of the FEMEN's antiislamist actions. We want to remind you that on the 20th of December 2012 famous Egyptian activist Alia Al Mahdi, together with FEMEN made an antiislamist protest next to the Egyptian embassy in Stockholm. The aim of the protest was a need to draw the world's attention to the threat of islaimisation of Egyptian constitution and the introduction of Morsi's Shariah Law. FEMEN says to all womanhaters that in the historical battle "woman-Islam" women will win!

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